Welcome to SHV’s Speak Up reporting website operated by Expolink

At SHV we believe that you are at your best in a safe, healthy and open work environment. A workplace where people respect the law and act with integrity. If you think something may be wrong, you can raise your concern through this reporting website, hosted by an independent, professional third-party named Expolink.

When you think something's wrong, speaking up gives us the opportunity to make things right. We trust you to share your concern.

Speak Up is designed to provide you comfort in raising your concern. There shall be no repercussions against anyone for raising their concern in good faith, even if the allegations turn out to be unfounded. Your report will be treated confidentially and only be shared with those who need to know. Your personal data will be treated with care as indicated in the Speak Up Privacy Notice that you can find here. For more information on data privacy please contact the SHV Privacy Office at privacyoffice@shv.nl. You can file a report anonymously if you want too, although we encourage you to give your name, as it helps to get your concern dealt with efficiently.

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5) Report Details

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Have you reported this matter to anyone within your company? If so to whom & what actions, if any, have been taken as a result?

Do you think anyone has tried to conceal the (possible) violation? If yes, state who and how they have tried to conceal it.

What, in your view, would be the best way for your company to investigate and resolve the (possible) violation?

Do you have any documents that support your report or explain it in more detail which you would be able to upload here?

Any document that you upload will be sent to the SHV Speak Up team. If you choose to remain anonymous, make sure the documents do not contain your personal data.

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